Connection marked as broken because of SQLSTATE(08003)

Problem Statement: Customer is restarting PostgreSQL database every night. Long running jobs are failing from after DB restart.

Address this:
Just to save the trouble of scanning through the PostgreSQL driver release notes, the Connection.setNetworkTimeout() was released in version 42.2.0 of the driver (

Available properties

Check when database was restarted
To get the start time, execute the query below:
psql -c “SELECT pg_postmaster_start_time();”

To get the uptime, execute the query below:
psql -c “SELECT now() – pg_postmaster_start_time();”

Exception Handling for guaranteed write:

boolean writeStatus = false;
write to database;
writeStatus = true;
}catch (Exception ex)
print exception;
sleep for 30 seconds;
//Hope for db to recover.


Dev, QA, Prod Monitoring Tools

Problem Statement: We need to monitor services on Dev, QA, and Prod.
Customer doesn’t want to sponsor the monitoring project.

Step 1: Monitor & Alert
Monitor service endpoints using JMeter or Python.
Write output to CSV files day wise.
Send EMails or Slack messages for given thresholds

Step 2: Aggregate Numbers
Setup Jupyter Notebook
Mount all files as input with read-only access
Write a script to tabulate and visualize data.
Protect system with id/password


Python Data Analysis Library – Python
pandas is an open source, BSD-licensed library providing high-performance, easy-to-use data structures and data analysis tools for the Python programming language.

Pandas visualization

Hierarchical Data Format – Version 5
We can store/retrieve simple to complex data in flat files.
Community Version Vs Enterprise Edition:


Jupyter Note Book – Interactive way to run Python code

Deploy Jupyter in Cloud:

Sample csv file

Sample Python Note Book Code