WSDL File Editing

hmm…it is quite interesting….as of now we are just working with tools and generating all the required code. Now it the time to work with WSDL first and develop from scratch. A little bit hesitant to do hand coding. Here is nice eclipse plugin to play. It is quite nice but installation is painful. We need to install all packages from …take latest sable build and install

Eclipse Platform (Platform, JDT)

EMF v2.5 Runtime Minimum executable code.

EMF XSD v2.5 Runtime Minimum executable code.

Graphical Editing Framework (GEF)

Data Tools Platform (DTP) (required only for EJB or JPT development)

This non-SDK package is for most users. It includes the runnable code and end-user documentation for those using the tools to develop web applications.

After this start eclipse and enjoy editing WSDL Files in GUI Mode. The beauty is, we can validate WSDL file easily.

The next step is….we are going to break this one file into multiple files….follows in next thread.


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