Spring Dynamic Modules – OSGi

Last few days I am reading on OSGi. It is difficult to imagine life with out Spring Dynamic Modules for projects who needs to support multiple environments. Example: A jar file needs to work in application server. Also need to work in OSGi container. Spring DM Configuration files will help to achieve this. To know more about it read the following.

1. “Pro Spring Dynamic Modules for OSGi Service Platforms” book
2. Spring Dynamic Modules reference manual: http://static.springframework.org/osgi/docs/1.2.0/reference/pdf/spring-dm-reference.pdf

Spring Dynamic Modules is not much coding. It is all about writing configuration files. Mainly there are two files

1. modulename-context.xml
2. modulename-osgi-context.xml

Rest is in the book and reference manual.

Note: Dont get confused with Spring DM and Spring DM Server.
Spring DM means Spring Dynamic Modules
Spring DM Server supports deployment of Spring DM Modules and standard J2EE jar/war files.
When we are working in OSGi environment we dont need Spring DM Server.



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