My own Unix Server

Date: Jun-24-2009 Fulfilling the dream of having my own Unix Server (In Progress)

I am dreaming since long back of having my own Unix Server.
At last started working towards that goal.

1. I want to have my own Unix Server.
2. Should support installation of JBoss.
3. It is having default MySQL Database
4. Install latest Java
5. Setup Tomcat and Axis Web Services
6. Should be accessible from home computer
7. Need not to have expose this system on public network.
8. Should have internet connection
9. Should provide option to do whatever I like as root/admin
10. The total effort should be cost effective.

I will complete this soon…

Date: Sep-07-2010
Yesterday bought 8 GB flash drive for 13$ and setup Knoppix in it.
It is working fine. Hanging few times.

It took 1 YEAR, 2 MONTHS AND 14 DAYS
I am not lazy….but waited for good deal to buy the flash drive.
Looks funny….I spend money here and there….but waited long enough to buy this flash drive….
Finally story ended in peace.

Need to setup JBoss, MySQL and others…let us see…when I will complete this.


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