MySQL – Pain with port 3306 error message

While trying to setup MySQL 5.x on windows getting following error.
Running zone alarm. Later frustrated with Zone Alarm Free Edition and moved to comodo fire wall. It looks good and having many options to configure.


Error Nr. 1045…. Please make sure you have opened the TCP port 3306.

mysql port 3306 error

Solution: Port 3306 is opened. Still getting error

First first time setup dont enter root password. This is causing problem and mysql is giving wrong error message.


Problem 2: MySQL Browser is wrong name. It permits to do database schema creation, table creation, enter data in editable grid and similar. But Coming from MySQL CC to this environment is painful. Also it is little bit confusing for first few minutes.

Default user name is: root
mysql admin

Default Schema is : test
mysql browser

To edit data in grid, we need to do following steps
Step 1:
mysql enter data - Step 1

Step 2:
mysql enter data - Step 2

Now ready to play with MySQL….



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