Distributing Java Swing Application

Soon I need to distribute Java Swing Application. As part of this process here is my notes.

For distributor
Step 1: Identify least version required for the application.

Step 2: Compile and build self executable Jar. (Do code obfuscation if required.)
JSmooth is good to convert jar to exe. http://jsmooth.sourceforge.net/

Step 3: Distribute executable Jar.
1. Give Jar, so user can run in system.
2. Give source, so user can build his own jar.
3. Provide Java Webstart using JNLP. (We need to have server instance to run this.)
4. Convert jar to .exe and provide. (still issues with viruses)

For Users:

Step 1: Check java version in system.

Step 2: If system dont have required version, update to required version using sun site.

Step 3: Double Click on Jar and start using application.

What version of Java we are using: http://www.javatester.org/version.html



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