Onsite / Offshore project selection

Problem Statement: There is a project. We need to recruit one developer and one test engineer to complete the project. Choose the correction option?

Option 1: Onsite Project. Choose 40$/Hour Test Engineer and 60$/Hour Developer.

Option 2: Onsite Project. Choose 60$/Hour Test Engineer and 40$/Hour Developer.

Option 3: Offshore Project. Choose 25$/Hour Test Engineer, 25$/Hour Developer, 30$/Hour Lead, 20$/Hour Manager (partial hours).

Solution : This depends on company interest, long term goals, project estimation and other factors.

Choose Option 1, if estimation is perfect and there is no further delays.
Choose Option 3, if estimation is bad and need long term support.

Reality (Happens many times):
1. If CEO/CTO/XXO get commission from Offshore Management, management pushes for Option 3.
2. If Project Manager or Program Manager takes kick backs from local prime vendor, project will be executed onsite. Management will go with Option 2 or Option 3.



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