Project Management – Boss – Subordinate


Boss ideas:

Always put your subordinate in the ring.
Be the ring master
When they wont perform, tells that “You should become leader”
When they perform, tells that “You should be within your limits”
Always feels that Subordinate as competitor to his position.
Boss forgets that he is also in another ring, created by his boss.
Boss forgets that he also evolved and elevated from the same ring in the past.
If project succeeds, all the greatness goes to Boss
If project fails, all that is because of this subordinate x

Subordinate ideas:

Many times tries to escape from work, when boss harasses.
Always try to push himself out of ring.
Sometimes very aggressive
Sometimes very passive
When he is assertive and doing good, boss pinches subordinate for more work.
If project succeeds, that is his greatness, otherwise all because of Boss’s bad management.

Management ideas:

Teams needs to perform hand in hand.
Everybody needs to work in harmony
They always trust their immediate subordinates (boss), but not the second level team.
Many times management is ready to fire subordinates, based on boss feedback.



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