Reports: Jasper Vs Apache POI Excel

After working with Jasper Reports….these are the points to remember while designing the reports.

1. Go for Jasper, only if it is required. Other wise better to use Apache POI Excel

Generally PDFs are read only. It is good to print invoices, bills, receipts, …etc

When there is a report with 40 pages, who is having time to print and read it.

If we use Apache POI  to write data to excel, it is easy to filter the data and do more drill down offline.


It is very difficult to format the report in Jasper Reports. It is easy to do in Excel.


We can off load the business logic to Excel and do in macros. This reduces burden on server side.

We can’t do in PDFs.


We can provide templates in Excel and we can import the data back from supervisor from a trip.

We can’t do this in PDFs.


Conclusion: User Jasper Reports, only if it is required. Other wise easy to complete same stuff with Apache POI Excel API.


Problem with Apache POI Excel API, client’s must need to have Windows and MS Office to read the documents.


Also better to use to show data in tabular view.
1. user can sort the data easily.
2. Easy to provide reports in footer.


2 thoughts on “Reports: Jasper Vs Apache POI Excel

  1. I don’t unerstand your problem with Jasper Reports…
    Jasper Report may produce reports in PDF, HTML, Excel.
    So it is more flexible.


    • “Jasper Report may produce reports in PDF, HTML, Excel.” This shows that still you are not much familiar with Jasper Reports.

      Answer to your point….You can’t write macros using Jasper. That is the purpose of this whole post explaining.
      Apache POI is better option to generate excel reports with compare to Jasper Report.


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