How to build single JSP page based sites in 4 hours?

Problem Statement: How to build quick web report?

Requirement: The report cotains same story lines with different data from database.

With the help of JSTL, JSP and Display Tag completed coding with out single java file or configuration.

Create basic structure to build the code

>mvn archetype:create -DartifactId=project_war_name -DarchetypeArtifactId=maven-archetype-webapp

Technologies Used:
Display Tag, JSTL, JSP

HTML Editor: use to build basic three page layout.

Add these dependencies to pom.xml file



<!-- standard.jar -->

Add following code with real data to index.jsp page

<b>Heading of query information</b>
<sql:query var="results_abcd" dataSource="${dataSource}">
select col1, col2,col3 from table1 where condition1='asdf'
<display:table name="pageScope.results_abcd.rows" id="table5" >
 <display:column property="col1" sortable="true" />
 <display:column property="col2" sortable="true" />
 <display:column property="col3" sortable="true" />

more jstl examples:
Note: in JSTL we need to use escape charecters when required during copy paste query from SQL editor to JSTL code.
Example: where userid like '%%'
in JSTL: where userid like '%\%'


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