What are the best practices for Java development team?

At individual level
In Eclipse IDE use following files and share with team to maintain consistency.


TestNG Test Cases
Emma plug in to check code coverage
Tie the memory and performance numbers to test cases

At team level
What happens in Hudson?
Configure following in Hudson, so that it is easy to check after each build.

Code Coverage Report
Open Tasks Report
PMD Report
Surefire Test Report

At organizational level
How to compare different projects / modules in organization?
Use SONAR and use maven plug in to push the data to Sonar server.

Code Coverage
Lines of Code
Test Success



2 thoughts on “What are the best practices for Java development team?

  1. You could even do your comparisons for code coverage and such with Sonar, this removes Hudson for the need of quality control. Hudson will be reduced to your average deployment/build system. It could start sonar analyses though.

    Or do you have different experiences and rather use Hudson for static code analysis?

    Also, on what grounds do you compare projects to each other? Based on what?


  2. Integrating quality metrics in Hudson provides early access to metrics on nightly builds. So that developers can fix them on next day and team leads and managers can view them quickly.

    During QA Releases we integrate build with Sonar plug in and going to push all project metrics to Sonar. In Sonar we can compare different projects for lines of comments, PMD numbers, cyclomatic complexity, code coverage and other numbers. This will help us to bring the same discipline across teams.

    For quick reference please visit http://nemo.sonarsource.org/

    Thank you for taking time to write.


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