Architecture – Wattle and Daub House Vs Software

Today visited “Etowah’s Wattle & Daub House”.  It is very impressive. You can see complete information here . This is very common practice in India too. My grand parents had this type of houses. What I liked in it is …

1. Easy to construct.
2. All earthly materials.
3. Low Costs.
4. Local Jobs.
5. Own Ideas.
6. They can’t over build, when they dont need it. Because it is their own labor.
7. Easy to incorporate their needs into construction. I remembered attics, hen house, lamp posts, …etc incorporated into house.
8. No landfills after demolition.
9. Reacts nicely to local temperatures.
10. Simplicity

Moral of the story: Incorporate similar principles in Software too.
1. Simplicity
2. Less Costs
3. Dont build for 100 years, when you want to stay for 30 years. This reduces cost.


Look at this video. How easy / affordable to people to build.


Micro House

Earthship House using Tyres

Natural alternative building
Did you ever thought, we can build house just with Sand alone?

See more interesting videos at


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