Raspberry Pi Vs Akash UbiSlate

Welcome to Raspberry Pi…. : )

I liked the concept, computer and Logo.

After all components on board, they have enough space to print logo on PCB… : ) 35$ + Components (Keyboard, mouse, monitor, Power)

3,000 INR Final Price ~= 60$

All information about Raspberry Pi: http://www.raspberrypi.org/faqs
Akash UbiSlate: http://www.akashtablet.com/index.html

Raspberry need to come up with complete kit (Computer, Key Board, Mouse, Monitor) price.
It is very good initiative for all.

Looking forward to see more advancements in this area.
This is revolutionary and going to impact all devices which needs computer support.
Example: CAR Dashboards, Audio Speakers, Lifts, Dashboards, TVs, …etc.


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