Startup Software Company – Architecture

Problem Statement: Many times startup companies are approaching me to help them to architect their solutions.

1. Good concept with patents and copy rights
2. Experienced management and Marketing

1. Very low investment
2. Lack of technology.
3. No infrastructure.

They expect very fast faced development.
Rapid prototyping.

My suggestions are as follows.
1. Avoid infrastructure issues
Option 1: Go with Amazon
Option 2: Go with any available data centers
2. Use Ubuntu Linux for Development testing.
3. Concentrate on data storage, performance and integrity. (Data Architect / DBAs Work)
4. Keep back end as services. (Don’t build monolithic 500k lines of code and 100 jars)
Also provides easy integration with future UIs and other services.
5. Build UI separately and let it consume services.
6. Choose experienced Solution Architect to orchestrate the end to end solution.
7. Don’t tightly couple with any vendor (Amazon, …etc) specific API.
….I can’t write all hear….contact me for more information….

Web Application Hosting

Option 1: We can move to Amazon and avoid buying all new hardware and internet bandwidth.

Option 2: Learn from Amazon on how they are serving 1000’s of customers without much issues.

Option 3: Planned data center costs must be competitive with Amzon pricing.


Case Studies

Not learning from others is not an excuse for our busy schedules.
We need to spend 10% of our time in research and future planning.


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