Plan to build API Explorer

Problem Statement: How to test API?

Example: Java JAR file is having Math library. How to test it without coding?

As of today I don’t know any tools, who provide UI to test jar files. If you know anything, please let me know.

I had seen people used XUL to build tools.

Using XULs is one option.

Another option is using JSON.

Provide API exploring option by reflection on all interfaces. Provide two text areas.

1. Provide data in the form of JSON. App provides skeleton.

2. Get the data, form the input params, instantiate class and pass them.

3. Get the result and convert it back to JSON and display in bottom text area.

If it is web based, it is very useful to teams to try the API from single deployment.


These are all ideas….don’t have time to implement.





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