How to churn Application Traffic?

We have one application with many modules. Modules communicate within themselves and with external world. Few places, we get traffic. few places, we make calls. All are different varieties like SOAP/HTTP, JSON/HTTP, ..etc. Enabling/Disabling logging is not enough.

We need to add interceptors to steal the data and push to centralized server for further analysis.

This way, it is easy to enable/disable logging. No load and application. We can post the data through HTTP Request or to JMS Queues.

For rest of the story…we need to get familiar with Complex Event Processing and Big Data concepts.

What we can achieve at the end?

1. Identify traffic flows (Who is highest consumer, Who is lowest consumer)

2. What is the best time to perform system maintenance

3. What is the Avg duration of calls?

4. TPS (Transactions Per Second) for each module

5. Total value of sales live trending on each product or group of products

6. Total enquiries

7. Customers who struggled with low response times

8. Identify unused/overused software/hardware and scale them properly.

and many more….

Check with Software Architect to find the best solution, which fits your need.




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