Software Performance Cycle – Deming Wheel

Many people think that installing software in new system will improve performance. Many people suggest that adding memory or increasing CPU will improve. Without understanding fundamentals doing all this won’t help much. This type of thinking comes from watching present day advertisements. After watching Nike shoe advertisement, perception is that if you can wear good shoe you can run faster. Person go to shop, buys Nike Shoe. He can’t win in Olympics just because he had Nike Shoe. Performance comes from within. External shoes, track helps after that.

Many times we won’t plan / design properly. Team is not familiar with performance driven coding. Due to project pressure everybody concentrates on functionality to work. Once it is working management moves resources to other work. There is no time to stop and check the code / performance. While studying Deming Wheel it is reminding the same.


Plan: Keep Performance in mind while designing code, SQL Queries, Infrastructure, Architecture, ..etc

Do: Code for Performance + Functionality + Modularity + Testability..etc

Check: Take time to check what we did and identify the problems

Act: Fix the issues

Improve Standards / Increase Awareness:
1. Set up new standards so that team won’t do the same mistake again and again.
2. Share the knowledge across teams. Awareness prevents doing same mistake again

If we can follow this cycle religiously, over period of time performance of the code will increase. Otherwise at the same pace it will go downhill.




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