SONAR 4.2, PMD, CheckStyle

Recently SONAR started porting Source Code Validation Rules from PMD and CheckStyle to SONAR Qube Java Rules (SQUIDs)
The point they are raising that PMD/CheckStyle is not active enough.

By end of 2014, they want to move as many rules as possible to SONAR and later they will stop support for PMD/CheckStyle.
By keeping this in mind, it is better to migrate to SONAR Rules.
How to do that?
Step 1: Always copy Quality Profile to custom name
Step 2: Find all DEPRECATED Rules and disable them
Step 3: Find all SQUIDs and enable them
Step 4: SONAR don’t want people to modify thresholds. It is up to teams to make decision.

Enable SONAR Qube Rules in Bulk
2014-04-09 14_25_14-SonarQube_inactive_136

Disable Deprecated Rules from PMD/CheckStyle
2014-04-09 14_27_09-SonarQube_disable_deprecated

1. This speeds up SONAR process time (Reduces number of code passes)
2. No need to use PMD/CheckStyle Eclipse Plugins (No impact if we use them too.)
3. Team need to depend heavily on SONAR Eclipse Plugin
4. Less number of rules (Duplicate rules between PMD/CheckStyle were deleted)




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