How to troubleshoot software?

We see issues in software everyday.
This process helps to identify the issue/defect quickly and systematically, instead of wasting time on wrong things.

2014-08-06 10_49_35-trouble_shooting


Assume that “Environment A” is Troubled environment, “Environment B” is functioning as expected.
0. Check latest code changes and do code review, if code is small

1. env A…point to Env B Database…
If it works,…db problem in Env A
if it fails, ….issue is in Env A application side

2. Copy Env B binaries to Env A, point to env A database
If it works, code problem in Env A
else issue in Env A Database

3. compare A, B Schema, Data, …etc

4. Compare A, B properties

5. point local system to env A DB and check…
if you can simulate the issue, debug the code

6. Isolate problem with Unit Test and solve


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