Jenkins is a Swiss Knife

Jenkins is an open source continuous integration tool written in Java. The project was forked from Hudson after a dispute withOracle.

Important features for large Projects

Distributed Builds:

Setting up Master / Slave:

Many of us think that Jenkins is only for Build. But it can do anything by triggering scripts with parameters.

Build With Parameters Plugin:

– build required branch
– deploy to given server
– build for given Profile
– restart Tomcat
– take backups
– run regression tests’
– run puppet
– run liquibase changes
– no limit on what we can to with this plugin

This type of customization gives control to Engineering teams / QA teams to build and deploy on demand basis without any support from deployment team.


How Jenkins Builds the Netflix Global Streaming

Self service build and deployment at Netflix (Agile 2013)

Conclusion: Jenkins is good free knife. After utilizing all its plugins to their maximum potential, we can see that Jenkins is a Swiss Knife.


Other tools licenses are costly and Jenkins will live long with open source contributions.


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