Database Replication

Database Replication can kill production if right technique was not selected. Identify the purpose/need for database replication. Put a scope around it and identify right technique and tools to achieve the goal. Setting authorization on data is very important. Always treat data with most respect as cash. Visit compliance / audit issues.

Why we need database replication?
1. To re-produce production issues in other environment.
2. To analyze production data
3. To run reports / business intelligence
4. For failover purpose
5. For back up
6. To achieve high availability
7. To improve performance for end user by putting db servers across continents and sync them up.
And many more

Types of Replication

Transactional replication.
Merge replication.
Snapshot replication.
Good pointer from Microsoft:
Oracle GoldenGate is costly product and reliable. But consultant costs around $2000/- per day.

Hire an Architect to give complete roadmap for given problem.

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