How to learn and teach?


The 5E learning cycle was developed by Biological Sciences Curriculum Study, specifically for use in teaching science. The learning cycle has four phases:

  1. Engage, in which a student’s interest is captured and the topic is established.
  2. Explore, in which the student is allowed to construct knowledge in the topic through facilitated questioning and observation.
  3. Explain, in which students are asked to explain what they have discovered, and the instructor leads a discussion of the topic to refine the students’ understanding.
  4. Extend, in which students are asked to apply what they have learned in different but similar situations, and the instructor guides the students toward the next discussion topic.

The fifth E is Evaluate, in which the instructor observes each student’s knowledge and understanding, and leads students to assess whether what they have learned is true. Evaluation should take place throughout the cycle, not within its own set phase.



In present Indian Education System here are my observations:

1. Students are motivated towards tests.

2. Focused on Question and Answer based education

3. No active discussion in class between students and between students and teacher

4. Not much lab

5. Teachers are pressured by strict deadlines.

Still we can achieve good results if we can motivate Teachers and Students.



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