Implementation of Search in Enterprise Applications

Step 1: Learn about Text Search
Learning fundamentals are always important before dealing with tools/software.

Text Retrieval and Search Engines
by ChengXiang Zhai

Thanks to University of Illionois and Mr. ChengXiang Zhai.


Text Retrieval System:

Copy rights on above diagrams belongs to “University of Illionois”

Please go through the course to understand all above.

Step 2: Learn Lucene
Lucene was developed in Java by Dough Cutting in 1999. This encapsulates many algorithms learned above.
Lucene is Mr.Dough’s wife’s middle name.

Lucene Tutorial:
Lucene Concepts:
Lucene in 5 minutes:

Step 3: Learn Solr / Elasticsearch
Lucene is like engine. Embedable when required with limited features. Solr / Elastic Search are like cars who runs on Lucene.

Lucene Vs Solr:
Glossary of terms:
Elasticsearch features:

Step 4: Learn Apache Nutch
We need to feed data. To collect data on web, we need web crawler. Nutch will do this stuff.


The above knowledge is minimum, before going to architect any search based solution.



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