The principles of successful architecture evaluations

When we need to evaluate software architecture?
1. To understand existing architecture
2. As review process we need to evaluate
3. During company/product acquisition
4. During software product adaptation/use into project.
5. To make decommission decisions on existing projects
and many more


Principle 1: Quality Attributes determine the architecture.
Principle 2: Business Goals determine quality attribute requirements.
Principle 3: Business Goals represent what’s important to its stakeholder communities.
Principle 4: Quality attributes requirements need to be specified with good measures.
Principle 5: To understand an architecture you must understand its quality attribute properties.
Principle 6: The most important quality attribute requirements determine the parts of the system to focus the analysis on.
Principle 7: The distribution of functionality in the architecture contributes to the quality attribute properties.
Principle 8: “Guilty until proven innocent.”
Principle 9: Proper analysis disallows assumptions. Only facts count.
Principle 10: Evaluated organizations must own the evaluation results.

Please go through SEI CMM Site link above to understand these principles in detail.



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