Elasticsearch GUI

1) Elasticsearch GUI: https://github.com/jettro/elasticsearch-gui – Apache 2.0 License


2) Elastichead – https://mobz.github.io/elasticsearch-head/ – Apache 2.0 License


Sense Chrome Plugin also very useful.


3) Elasticsearch HQ – Not good to use due to following clause.

We don’t store PII(Personally Identifiable Information). From time to time, the software will collect
anonymous usage data. None of it is being sold to anyone, so chill. The data collected gives us the
information we need to
customize the software for our users.

Reference: https://github.com/royrusso/elasticsearch-HQ/blob/master/index.html
They should have given option to disable this future.

4) Bigdesk – https://github.com/lukas-vlcek/bigdesk
No active development since 2014 and no release for latest ES.


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