Maven – Dependency Version Requirement Specification

Dependencies’ version element define version requirements, used to compute effective dependency version. Version requirements have the following syntax:

1.0: “Soft” requirement on 1.0 (just a recommendation, if it matches all other ranges for the dependency)
[1.0]: “Hard” requirement on 1.0
(,1.0]: x <= 1.0
[1.2,1.3]: 1.2 <= x <= 1.3
[1.0,2.0): 1.0 <= x = 1.5
(,1.0],[1.2,): x = 1.2; multiple sets are comma-separated
(,1.1),(1.1,): this excludes 1.1 (for example if it is known not to work in combination with this library)


Notes: This notation is good for products.
Not good for service projects. We need to have tight grip on versions, which are going into production from time to time.



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