MongoDB – Aggregation

Aggregation Commands

Aggregation Methods
Pipeline Aggregation Stages
$unwind : Deconstructs an array field from the input documents to output a document for each element.

Boolean Aggregation Operators: $and, $or, $not

Set Operators: $setEquals, $setIntersection, $setUnion, $setDifference, $setIsSubset, $anyElementTrue, $allElementsTrue

Comparison Aggregation Operators: cmp, eq, gt, gte, lt, lte, ne

Arithmetic Aggregation Operators: abs, add, ceil, divide, exp, floor, ln, log, log10, mod, multiply, pow, sqrt, subtract, trunc

String Aggregation

Text Search Aggregation

Array Aggregation Operators

Aggregation Variable Operators

Aggregation Literal Operators

Date Aggregation Operators

Conditional Aggregation Operators

Group Accumulator Operators

By default 100 megabytes of RAM.
set the allowDiskUse option to true to overcome this issue.


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