ARIA – Table Reading, Accessibility

JAWS reads table as grid. We don’t have role=”table”.
If it required, we need to prefix/suffix “Table ” to title.

Access Keys:

Key Maps

Making Regions editable:

Tip: Better to implement access keys at page level or frequently accessed actions in page.


Accessibility – Alert

When error message is keep changing, UI need to reflect those changes. To instruct JAWS properly we need to use role, aria-relevant,aria-live tags.

ng-if="errorMessage.length > 0"
aria-relevant="additions text"		


VPAT Testing/Development

Read this document and implement HTML Tags accordingly.

JAWS Key board shortcuts

Evaluate web accessibility within the Chrome browser.
WAVE is a web accessibility evaluation tool developed by

Accessibility Developer Tools

This works only for IE. Good.

WAI-ARIA : Web Accessibility Initiative – Accessible Rich Internet Applications