Events – Impact on Industries

Events are closely tracked by different groups.
1. Airlines/Hotels – As input to their pricing engine.
2. Street Artists / Street Shops – to get advantage of crowd
3. Police department – To provide protection to public
4. Government – To accommodate crowds, travel, transport, safety, utilities,….etc

Examples of Events APIs:

Nice article on Event Discovery:



UI Validations

Irrespective of projects for rest of the life we need to
-Validate data in UI
-Need to define respective data types in code
-Need to design DB Columns

Never assume that business name is 25 char length.
Also search for standards.
A Common Schema for the Internet White Pages Service:

For more information please refer

USA Address Standards


FedEx –



All must need to consider this for DB Design, UI Validations.

Otherwise calling 3rd party API to deliver postal mail may fail.

Also address normalization should be done.



Complex event processing (CEP)

It is nice concept to explore and get benefit out it.

Simple Notes:

More Advanced Information:

Open Source product for implementation:


Unknowingly all of us do Complex Event Processing in our day to day life.

Question 1: Whey today lot of people are driving from north to center of Atlanta?

We are trying to analyse many events and trying to understand. We find that there is a game in town.

Question 2: Why stock x sold at very high volume today?

Digging into news will tell the details of it.