Java – USB – Lights

Problem Statement:

We need to display lights and play sounds for different activities in IT Departments.

Example: Specific production server went down. Or Build failed. Or Too much traffic on network, got email from xyz….etc

Solution 1:

DelCom Product: This comes with DLL and we need to write Java JNI.

Solution 2:

Arduino Micro Controller

Writing simple USB Driver:

Hudson Build Lights:


Configure Netgear Router to permit remote desktop access

Step 1: Connect Netgear Router as prescribed in its manual.
Step 2: Remote desktop listens on 3389 by default. Configure one system to 3389
Step 3: In all other systems change listening port for remote desktop to 3391, 3393, ..etc as described in
Make sure that the port is not used by other programs.
Step 4: Add these ports under port forwarding

Its done.

To access Netgear Router remotely use the IP Address given in Basic settings.
In my case it is fixed IP always assigned by network.
Access it like

To access remote desktop use following addresses (Goes to 3389 mapped computer)



Backup personal data

Problem Statement: Having 80GB external disk and using JFileSync to take backup. Now it is going to full soon. Also system hard disk.
When data is increasing, JFileSync is taking too much time to compare and to perform sync after that.

Solution 1:
Buy 1.5 TB internal hard disk. Install as secondary disk.
Buy 1.5 TB USB hard disk
Use backup software to take backup.

Problems: backup time is very high. difficult to maintain over period of time.
Advantages: Internal disk is safe with big tower system. We can store external USB in safe place.

Solution 2:
Buy: D-Link DNS-321 Network Attached Storage Enclosure – 2-Bay SATA, RAID 0/1 from compusa
Buy: Seagate 1.5TB SATA Barracuda 7200.11 Internal Hard Drive – 2-Pack from Dell
Setup RAID. Life will be cool.

1. In case of theft, we may lose whole system.
2. We need to configure how to take backup if we add second disk after n days.
3. We need to protect it on internet or add to USB

List of back up software to use.
Dir Sync Pro:


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