Importance of Prototyping and Proof of Concept

Many people think that Prototyping and Proof of Concepts are new techniques invented by modern countries. This is not true. In modern Software industry by using Agile Methodology, people are abusing these concepts. Not giving enough time and by not allocating enough resources. Also they have fancy word that POC code should be re-used as much as possible into main project. Please take a moment and read about Ramappa Temple, Warangal, Telangana, India. This temple was funded by Kakatiya Dynasty and constructed by Architect Ramappa. This is the only temple in world which is called by its architect’s name. It took enormous efforts and 40 years time. This was constructed during 1213 year and still stand firm today. Hats off to you Mr. Ramappa for all your vision, architecture, skill, execution, discipline, maintaining tempo for 40 years until completion. Modern capitalists invest less money and expect more at the cost of peanuts.

Model Temple:


Real Temple:


Above Two Photos:
Ramappa Temple Warangal” by Jayadeep RajanOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.



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Square Wheels – Different Views

View 1: Many times we run on square wheels, by keeping circular wheels in our dispose.


View 2: We don’t have time to do introspect or listen to others


View 3: Square wheels solves some problems in the world

Reference: Patents and Info

View 4: When we can’t fix the wheel, we can fix the track.


View 5: Feel the Square Wheels…: )


How to fail Software?

Oregon health exchange technology troubles run deep due to mismanagement, early decisions

Cover Oregon: Health exchange mired in unexpected delays; what went wrong?

IBM Software Blamed for Troubled State Health Exchanges

Massachusetts healthcare exchange fails; state seeks more Obamacare funds

Inside the Failure of

6 Software Development Lessons From’s Failed Launch

Fix For Mass. Health Exchange Website Will Cost More Than $120 Million

Health Exchange Delays Tied to Software Crash in Early Rush

Reasons I observed.
Corruption in Organizations. (Lot of money go back in kick backs, It never reach developers who work 24 x 7)
Arrogance, Lack of Knowledge, Power of Key People who make important decisions
Practicing Blame Game
Irresponsibility of Decision Makers

To make project successful along with good technical skills, good character too required.
kynect: Kentucky’s Healthcare Connection


E2HDC means Ear to Hand Development Cycle

During discussions with teams I observed following

E2HDC means Ear to Hand Development Cycle
Few Product Managers / Business Analysts prefer to follow E2HDC. This is similar to SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). E2HDC means Ear to Hand Development Cycle. Product Manager tells requirements in the ear of developer and developer do coding with Hand, without any thoughts. PM’s argument is that writing requirements, design and architecture is time killer. This notion builds many times when process becoming bottleneck and Architects are not contributing to project and just dragging. Also PMs favor this because they come from non-computer background. Irrespective of reasons E2HDC is disaster.

Missing Test Plans / Test Strategies: QA leads argument that test plan / test strategies are not required. They told that test cases will evolve once tester starts doing testing. This is another disaster.

Many people come to Software Industry for money without any interest to learn. These people are causing trouble and bringing bad name to Software Industry. A doctor/lawyer/cook need to have license to practice. Why not for software engineers (Product Managers / Testers / Developers)?

With lack of government monitoring colleges are mushrooming. Even syllabus in many US universities are not good. When interviewed few people, I was surprised to know that they don’t know “Software Engineering by Pressman” book.

Knowledge and Humbleness brings peace and success.
Power and arrogance are causes to failure.

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Server in pocket

Initially we have bbc (Bootable Card), live cd, GNU CD, …etc to start system with CD.
Now have server itself within budget for education/technology purpose.


Software Samurai

The Book of Five Rings
The Classic Masterpiece by Miyamoto Musashi

Mark Dacascos…and the legend of Samurai warrior Miyamoto Musashi

Audio Book

The greatness is not cutting the apple…it is controlling the self.


In modern world…the fight is to save the self from external world.
We need to apply strategy to win with minimal resources.
Applying all concepts of Samurai, Chess, Games…to complete given task.
Deep understanding comes through meditation and practice.
Success comes and goes…peace remains same forever.

Super Guppy Loads Two T-38 Jets

What I learned / liked?
1. Unconventional thinking.
2. Loading Truck

This was developed in 1965. That is most amazing.


Software Architecture – Native American Tule Boat

What are the things we can apply to Software Architecture after seeing this video.
1. Purpose is fulfilled (travel near shore, fishing)
2. Used all local available materials
3. Sustainable
4. No patents, No copy rights.
5. Chosen right light weight materials
6. Used right technique to make the rope.
7. Affordable and time to market is good.

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Lilliput Computers

Going through technology news….

APC – – 49$

Cotton Candy

These are going to open new doors to all…more opportunities, more uses to humanity.



Kids Programming

Scratch is nice Programming language for kids

The MagPi: a Raspberry Pi community magazine