Airtel – ITIL Implementation case study

Self-service concept in service desk: Airtel want to reduce time to shop. This reduces dependency on system to do shopping. Hence improves customer satisfaction, reduces time to shop, commits customer quickly, and reduces resources/assets in system hence saving money. Also easy to manage services in backend.

Service Catalog: Providing services in the form of catalog. We called this as business catalog. Underlying decomposed further to team to support/serve and implement. Internal services are called Technical service catalog.

Enhanced Service: Service which enhances existing service is called enhanced service.

What customer seeing is business service catalog. This forces the customer to buy predefined packs.

This is service catalog at 2nd level. This also helps as technical service catalog in Airtel organization.

These are enhanced services..Core services must be existed to add enhanced services

Think on this and we can see crystal clear following of ITIL for Service Management.
This helps customers and organization to have clearly defined Service Level Agreements.


In prepaid packs, rollover options are less. At the end of the month unused service is gone. Waste of money to customer and success to business.

Reduces burden on billing teams / call center to answer questions.

Metrics provides lot more information to executive level people.
1. Where to focus
2. How to maintain
3. Where to grow?

to answer all this questions they depend on Continuous Service Improvement (CSI).

Bharti group heavily depends on suppliers. They want to focus on business and saving time by getting help from suppliers.

Conclusion: By implementing ITIL they adopted all good things with less effort.

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This is the best framework useful for Service Management. It is applicable in our day to day lives. In one way all organizations are service organizations. Providing service is key to survival of business. Best way to see the benefits of ITIL is attend ITIL Foundation course or go through respective books. Knowingly or unknowingly businesses are following ITIL. If they can practice ITIL Prescription, it helps all stakeholders.

ITIL Phases or Life Cycle
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principle of continuous improvement
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This is applicable in day to day life including business.

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