How to add change language option to JBoss Seam site?

Dummy form need to be surrounded by empty form tag

<h:form id=”dummy”>
<h:selectOneMenu value=”#{localeSelector.localeString}”>
<f:selectItems value=”#{localeSelector.supportedLocales}”/>
<h:commandButton action=”#{}” value=”#{messages[‘ChangeLanguage’]}”/>

MySQL Dialect and Numeric Problem

<property name=”hibernate.dialect” value=”com.pack.ABCDMySqlDialect”/>


After this don’t zip the folder, jar them with jar tool.

package com.abcd;

import java.sql.Types;

import org.hibernate.dialect.MySQL5InnoDBDialect;

public class ABCDDialect extends MySQL5InnoDBDialect

public ABCDDialect()
registerColumnType(Types.NUMERIC, “decimal($p,$s)”);
registerColumnType(Types.DECIMAL, “decimal($p,$s)”);