E2HDC means Ear to Hand Development Cycle

During discussions with teams I observed following

E2HDC means Ear to Hand Development Cycle
Few Product Managers / Business Analysts prefer to follow E2HDC. This is similar to SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). E2HDC means Ear to Hand Development Cycle. Product Manager tells requirements in the ear of developer and developer do coding with Hand, without any thoughts. PM’s argument is that writing requirements, design and architecture is time killer. This notion builds many times when process becoming bottleneck and Architects are not contributing to project and just dragging. Also PMs favor this because they come from non-computer background. Irrespective of reasons E2HDC is disaster.

Missing Test Plans / Test Strategies: QA leads argument that test plan / test strategies are not required. They told that test cases will evolve once tester starts doing testing. This is another disaster.

Many people come to Software Industry for money without any interest to learn. These people are causing trouble and bringing bad name to Software Industry. A doctor/lawyer/cook need to have license to practice. Why not for software engineers (Product Managers / Testers / Developers)?

With lack of government monitoring colleges are mushrooming. Even syllabus in many US universities are not good. When interviewed few people, I was surprised to know that they don’t know “Software Engineering by Pressman” book.

Knowledge and Humbleness brings peace and success.
Power and arrogance are causes to failure.

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