API Performance Testing / Functional Testing

After so many years…..Still JMeter rocks.
We can use JMeter to perform both functional and performance testing.

Developer can use JUnit/TestNG for unit testing.
Tester can use JMeter to do functional/performance testing.
Also JMeter/Selenium is good combination to do load testing for UI.

Better to integrate JMeter tests with Maven and tie them with continuous integration.
Next question, how to prepare test data?
Use JUnit/TestNG to run JMeter tests. From Java code we can do setup and teardown steps.
Also we can commit JMeter scripts, hence easy to maintain versioning.
Also we need to commit test data.

We can tie performance numbers with TestNG/JUnit and we can fail test cases.

Generate reports/dashboards from JMeter through command line.
Publish them periodically with date prefix.

At this time there is no ready to use tutorial or framework for this.
But somebody good at Java/TestNG/JUnit/JMeter/Selenium can help.

Few Links for your reference:

Commercial Versions:
Load Runner
JMeter performance monitoring remote JVM: https://jmeter-plugins.org/wiki/PerfMon/
Remote testing or scaling JMeter: http://jmeter.apache.org/usermanual/remote-test.html

Better to stay away from open source from commercial products. They are giving base version free and we need to buy commercial support or version for more features.







The World’s Most Popular Windows Screen Reader
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Software Architecture – Durability

B17 battle damage this plane flew home in this condition to it’s base the 92nd Bomb Group Podington

Open in youtube and read comments on this video.

Many software applications crash within few hours of first usage in real time production.

Software Architects should learn a lot from this flight architects.

Hats off to them.
God Bless America.

Ditching of a B-24 Airplane into the James River

I appreciate their courage to prove the facts.

I liked following comments:
Ron Lutman
The aircraft would have sank, but the engineers stuffed ping pong balls into the wings to keep it afloat. Merrill and Richman, in their 1936 transatlantic crossing flying a modified Vultee V1A, Richman loaded the wings and fuselage with 41,000 ping pong balls encase they had to ditch. Now known as the PING PONG FLIGHT.

Appreciating their planning and execution.
See the test site selection…

Software Test Strategy

1. Understand Business Requirements
2. Prepare Test Strategy Document
3. Prepare Test Planning Document
4. Write Test Cases (Calculate total permutations / combinations)
5. Optimize Test Cases / Test Data
6. Identify Environments
7. Execute testing
8. Automate repetitive testing in different environments for different release cycles
9. Identify repetitive defects and perform postmartam. Device plan to prevent future defects
a) Improving domain knowledge (Developers / QA)
b) Recheck all above steps and improve the quality of tests
10. Close Testing Project
People come to Software field for different reasons…irrespective of it…
1. Love your job
2. Improve your skills
3. Contribute your best and enjoy the job

Difference Between Test Plan and Test Strategy

Test Plan

Test Strategy Document