Managing Multiple Dockers with

Revolutionary way to do horizontal scaling on demand / easily / quickly.


Docker came “Virtual Machines” gone … : )


When I gone through Docker documentation felt very good and relived.
Here are the advantages of Docker quickly….
1. Foot print is very small
2. Installing Oracle take lot of time…..just download Oracle Docker File and start using Oracle.
3. Easy to role out complex applications with minimum steps to start using it.
4. Easy to use developer system for demo. Make docker file and ship to sales rep in field.
5. Easy to trouble shoot Level 1 issues. Request customer to simulate issue and send docker file back.
6. Focus on learning and dont’ worry about installing / configuring complex software

Now your turn to go through these links
What is Docker?
Docker Public Register…you can download MySQL / Oracle /Wordpress / Ubuntu…etc and use it
Docker History
Go Programming Language
Boot 2 Docker


SSH Connection Manager

PuttyCM – Putty Connection Manager is giving trouble in windows 7.

Best software found to use is :

Unix Monitoring Commands

Use this commands from Java Telnet Application and monitor any number of servers.

CPU Usage *****
>top -b -n 1 | grep java | awk ‘{sum +=$9}; END {print sum}’

Memory Usage *****
>top -b -n 1 | grep java | awk ‘{sum +=$10}; END {print sum}’

Gives total wait threads *****
>netstat -anp | grep TIME_WAIT | wc -l

Provides all states of connections change port number as required.
>netstat -an|grep “:80″|awk ‘/tcp/ {print $6}’|sort| uniq -c

===Established connections *****
>netstat -anp | grep ESTABLISHED | wc -l

===Database connections *****
>netstat -anp | grep 1521 | wc -l

=== Get diskspace utilization for given folder *****
>df | grep local | tail -1 | rev | cut -f2 -d’ ‘|rev
>df | grep apps | tail -1 | rev | cut -f2 -d’ ‘|rev

================ Check given web service is working or not ====================

curl –header ‘content-type: text/xml’ –data @test_request.xml -X POST http://server:1234/XYZWebService


Cr-48 Chrome Notebook

Cr-48 Chrome Notebook Notes


How to remove owner in Google Chrome OS

1 Remove the battery
2 Flip the Dev switch
3 Power on
4 When you see the sad face hit “ctrl” and “D”
5 Let the format process finish
6 When you get to the set up screen power down
7 Flip the switch back to regular and power on again
8 It will format the drive and go back through set up again
9 System is back to factory settings.


Question: How to go to shell in Google Chrome OS
Type help to see available commands.
It is having very limited set of commands.

How to boot with Linux from USB?



Ubuntu ….freedom from M$

Up to now I tried and struggled with Knoppix. Today installed Ubuntu 10.x on USB and started working. This is very very nice experience.

I installed Chrome first.

Initially struggled with Eenadu fonts. Please check

>sudo apt-get install ttf-telugu-fonts language-pack-te

After this restarted chrome and life is pretty cool….

Performance … Monitoring ….. : )

Performance Monitoring ……easy to do….when you have tools and time in hand….

Is there any one minute technique to solve performance issues ….? : )

Simple …..dont look at the application for a minute ……

Few tools to use ….